Make sure your medical needs are respected in an emergency

Family-outline graphic
Family-outline graphic

In an emergency, every second counts. Receiving the best possible care in what medical professionals call the Golden Hour could mean the difference between life and death.

This is why we designed our alert system in consultation with British paramedics.

The My Medical Choice system gives emergency services quick and easy access to your crucial medical information, giving you the very best chance of a full recovery.

How My Medical Choice works

In an emergency

If you are unable to communicate clearly in an emergency, emergency services look for any medical-alert jewellery or card in your possession.

Contacts alerted

Using the data on your medical-alert jewellery or card, emergency services access your online profile. At this moment, an SMS alert is sent to your Emergency Contacts.

Emergency Contact

Your Emergency Contact can head straight to you, or take care of people or pets at your home. If you have uploaded a Lasting Power of Attorney, hospital staff will have access to it and know they must follow its instructions.

Medical profile

Logged into your account page, emergency services view your medical profile. It includes data on medication, allergies and surgical history – crucial information to speed up treatment time and lower the chance of error.

Legal protection

Emergency serives can also read your Advance Decision Notice (living will). This gives specific directives for your healthcare wishes to prevent unwanted medical treatments and procedures.

Peace of mind

You and your loved ones can be confident you will receive the treatment stipulated in your personal health profile and legal documents.

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My Medical Choice designed its alert system in consultation with British paramedics

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My Medical Choice is proud to work with When Push Comes to Shove

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My Medical Choice is proud to partner The People’s Health Alliance