Cancellation policy

Please read through the Cancellation Policy for My Medical Choice before subscribing to our service. If you have any queries, we have a very comprehensive list of FAQs that should answer your questions, or you can contact us for help if you can’t find the information you are looking for.

Annual subscription renewal

For peace of mind, My Medical Choice will send you an email notification two weeks and then three days prior to your subscription’s renewal date.

Should payment fail on your annual subscription’s renewal day, we won’t automatically cancel your membership . Instead, we give you a two-week grace period in which to renew your membership before your account is deleted, plus we send you three further email and SMS text reminders (provided you have entered your mobile number in your “User account” page) to pay before your account is deleted.

To cancel your annual subscription

If you decide to actively cancel your annual subscription, you can easily do so by clicking the “Manage subscription” button to the top left-hand side of your Dashboard. Then simply click the red button “Cancel subscription”.

Once you’ve cancelled, no further payments for your subscription will be taken. Please note that a cancelled subscription will trigger deletion of the Member’s account at the end of the subscription’s annual term.

Cancellations and refunds

New members may cancel their first My Medical Choice subscription for a full refund provided they:

  • Cancel the contract within 14 calendar days of paying their subscription, and
  • Have not used the automated medical-alert SMS text service, and/or
  • Have not used the National Blood Donor Database (including but not limited to copying the contact details of listed donors), and/or,
  • Have not downloaded any digital documents, and/or
  • Have not completed the online Advance Decision Notice.

Jewellery and medical ID cards

My Medical Choice provides members with the option to choose from a selection of retailers that sell suitable medical-alert jewellery and tags, as well as a recommended retailer for the medical ID cards. However, My Medical Choice provides this information solely for our members’ convenience and we have no contractual arrangement with any third-party medical-alert-product supplier. Members are free to purchase their medical-alert jewellery from whomever they prefer, or have their own medical ID cards produced.

If you have any queries about your medical-alert jewellery tags and/or ID cards, you will need to contact the seller you ordered the product from. When ordering tags and cards from a third-party supplier, please read the cancellation policy of the retailer you have chosen to purchase the product(s) from.

Northern Ireland

At the time of writing, members from Northern Ireland will not be able to use the Lasting/Welfare Power of Attorney document due to the limitations of the existing legislation regarding health and welfare in that country. Please consider this issue prior to signing up with My Medical Choice.